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Air conditioners play an important part in creating a comfortable home or commercial space. Coolant moving through the evaporator coil absorbs heat within the home. The coolant moves out of the home and discharges the heat through the condenser coil outdoors. Electric fans move air over the evaporator and condenser coils to aid in the air conditioning process. While all air conditioners use these basic concepts, the actual design can vary depending on the unit configuration.

Window Air Conditioners
The window air conditioner is among the simplest of these types of units. The condenser and evaporative coils are all part of the same unit. As the name implies, this air conditioner sits in a window with fans moving air over the evaporative cooler into the home. The condenser coil rests at the back of the unit and ventilates to the outdoors. Window Air conditioners can be set in specially created openings in walls for a more permanent installation.

Spit Units
A split unit air conditioner separates the two coils which are then connected by tubes which carry the coolant. The evaporative coil, along with fans and thermostats, sets in the home. The other unit, including the condenser coil, stays outdoors. This type of air conditioner usually takes up less window space and may provide a larger cooling capacity than a window unit.

Package Air Conditioners
A package air conditioner is configured similar to a window unit although the entire unit is located outdoors. The unit collects the cooled air and conveys it into the home or business through ductwork. This type of unit produces the least noise within the home with all of the mechanical aspects of the air conditioner situated outdoors.

Coolers, sometimes called evaporative coolers or swamp coolers, use water rather than coolant. Fans blow air across the water filled coils producing a cooling effect although the process also increases the humidity level in the home. This process is most commonly used in dry dessert climates. Technically, these units are not air conditioners and have a much longer history than air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioners
Central air conditioners are configured similar to the split units with the indoor evaporative cooler integrated into the heating system ductwork usually at the home furnace. The cool air is distributed through the house entire house by the same blowers associated with the operation of the furnace in the winter. These systems often use the same thermostat and control unit as the heating unit creating a single control point for heating and cooling.

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